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Your Pantery

Full Service Meat Department

Vincent's has a full service butcher at your disposal. Whether you need fresh sliced lunch meat a custom cut strip steak or anything in between, let us know and we'll make it happen.


We carry a full line of local, national and select grocery products. Including full aisles of frozen and dairy. Our neighbors have claimed "If Vincent's doesn't have it do you really need it."

Fresh Produce

Delivered from local vendors daily. We carry a wide selection of in season fruits and vegetables with a focus on quality and freshness.

Wine & Spirits

With a selection of over 200 wines Vincent's has a varietal for you. If you cant decide try one of our in house brands


Import... domestic...local...12oz..16oz...19oz...25oz... Can...bottle...cabottle(tm) ..yupp. We have it all.

Fresh Baked Bread & Pies

Fresh locally sourced bread from Fazio's Bakery on the Hill is delivered daily. In addition, store baked pies can be found cooking frequently

And Much Much More....

Stop in and see what we have. You'll be surprised how much we pack in here. 

UPS Access Location

UPS Access Point locations are local businesses that offer a convenient alternative option to receive or drop off ready-to-ship packages, including returns.

Local Local Local

Support your local friends and family by shopping our selection of St. Louis, Missouri and regional made products.

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